Hypnotherapists trained at A.R.C.H.E. Hypnosis Switzerland tell you about the quality of the training


Hypnosis Practitioner

CYCLE 1, Hypnosis Practitioner, allows you in 30 days, to conduct fluid, deep and unique sessions thanks to the mastery of the different technical aspects of hypnosis and the development of your posture as a hypnosis practitioner.


Hypnosis Master Practitioner

CYCLE 2, Master Hypnosis Practitioner, is made up of 4 courses that allow you to acquire advanced tools to perfect your practice, develop a coaching strategy and have a better understanding of hypnosis and the functioning of the human being.

The fact that the curriculum spreads across 14 days helps us understand and assimilate all the tools that we are given.

Practicing online with other students is just as interesting and effective as in class.

We are well-equipped to offer sessions both online and in person!

This training met my expectations and more. I really hope to keep in touch with the group and with A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Switzerland to have more opportunities to practice and refine the tools and techniques. Thank you!


Technician 2

On a personal level, this training has allowed me to overcome possible blockages and resistance, experience altered states of consciousness and discover this unknown world.

Professionally, it has allowed me to add another string to my bow which complementary to the profession of psychologist to which I predestine myself in order to be able to coach and help.


Technician 2

Thanks to hypnosis, a gate was opened on many elements: the attention, the observation and the communication, the meaning of the expressions...


Technician 1 Hybrid

Zoom sessions work well, and can help us adapt to our uncertain future. They also offer more flexibility, and more time to assimilate and digest the lessons.

On a personal level, this training gives me a new approach to the world, a different way of expressing myself or listening to others and giving them a new attention.

For me, it is also the beginning of a profound change. Professionally, it will help me to manage interactions in the corporate world.


Technician 1 Hybrid

In Hybrid format, the information is sprinkled over a longer period of time and allows for a better understanding and assimilation.

Even in zoom you can feel this closeness to others when you work in a small group!


Technician 1 Hybrid

I was pleasantly surprised by the differences from the approach I learnt in the previous school.

I really don't regret having chosen A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse for my second training. Thank you !


Technician 2

The explanations during the training are very clear. There is good availability of trainers who give relevant feedback at the end of the week. There is also a very good consideration of each personality! 

The trainers are good listeners and present the theory in a fun and lively way!


Technician 2

Thanks to perfect teaching, I could sense that I was making progress without really understanding how! 


Technician 3

Having Vincent Hürner and Séverine Duhau as trainers was a really good thing! 

Vincent had warned us about the quality of this in Technician 1, we were able to see 2 versions on many inductions and levers of change, and that is really great! 


Technician 3

I didn't know that we could do so much with hypnosis!

The format was perfect, not too much theory that knocks us out. You don't spend 3 hours on the same topic regardless of whether you really understood it or not.

Then practicing without being "sure" you're doing it right allows you to allow yourself to make mistakes, and to learn from any common or personal mistakes. I really like how the training is done!

My communication has improved with others but also with myself!


Practitioner 1

As a communications person, I discovered that hypnosis offers a unique set of tools to better interact with our clients, our loved ones, and also with ourselves!

The training is done in such a good way that even those who are a priori afraid of initiating or making mistakes dare to practice and get into the exercises without worrying about "getting it right."  Cette approche des formateurs nous aide à progresser !


Practitioner 1

This training helped me to free myself, to dare even more, to trust myself.

I was very touched by the simplicity of the trainer Jean Dupré.


Conversational Hypnosis

Thanks to this Supervision and Improvement Module 1, I was able to gain confidence in my practice as a practitioner!

The trainer is very pedagogical. He has an immense culture and a great facility to explain and transmit. He embodies what he transmits and has enormous energy and enthusiasm to communicate!


Module 1, Supervision & Improvement

This training has helped me to improve my coaching sessions, because I allow myself to go further in questioning, with new frameworks of analysis.   


Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis

Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis is a very enriching training both personally and professionally.

The trainings are disruptive but in a good way!


Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis

An enormous pleasure to follow this training... Continue with all your assets which are your good mood, your humor, your transmission of knowledge... Thank you! 


Technician 1 Hybrid

Initially I was doing this course as a complement to my sports coaching.

But by discovering what hypnosis really is: an immense field of possibilities, unlimited or almost, I turn more towards the accompaniment of people in general.


Practitioner 2

As in any training that opens our mind to other approaches and reading grids, we want to know much more!


Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis