Cycle 1 : Hypnosis Practitioner

CYCLE 1 provides you with the indispensable tools to become a Technician and then a Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis.

For the moment, only Hypnosis Technician modules are available in English.

There are two options for the CYCLE 1 course: Classic (100% in classroom) or Hybrid (distance-learning and classroom). The curriculum is the same, only the format changes.


The Cycle 1 is divided into 6 modules containing each 35 hours of training: Technician 1, 2 & 3 and Practitioner 1, 2 & 3.

You can choose to attend these modules in the Classic format and the Hybrid format depending on your availabilities and your preference.

Hypnosis Technician

The 3 Hypnosis Technician modules allow you to acquire the essential basics to understanding and practicing modern hypnosis, as well as tools to master the different technical aspects of hypnosis. In the end, you will receive a Hypnosis Technician certificate.

3 modules, 35 hours each – 105 training hours 

Hypnosis Practitioner

The 3 Hypnosis Practitioner modules help you develop a precise counselling method, a good capacity to adapt as well as deeper hypnotic techniques. It will also focus on teaching you how to embody the posture of a future hypnosis practitioner with regards to a specific ethic. You will therefore master the hypnotic processes and be capable of conducting smooth and profound sessions. In the end, you will receive a certificate as Hypnosis Practitioner.

3 modules, 35 hours each – 105 training hours 


Supervision and Improvement Modules

The 3 modules of Supervision & Perfection are offered to you so that you can improve your hypnosis practice. As we are committed to accompanying you after you obtain your Hypnosis Practitioner diploma, you will have the chance to take these modules for 3 years.

Module 1: Influencing the state of consciousness
Module 2: Preparing a session and conducting change
Module 3: Integrating strategic practitioner tools

These modules are available to practitioners trained in other schools.
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3 modules – 12 days – 84 training hours

Key assets of our courses

Learning through experience

Hypnosis is about understanding people, communication, imagination and even emotions. The essential theoretical knowledge to explore hypnosis is conveyed through multiple exercises, commented practical applications and demonstrations by the trainers. Our teaching method is based on experience. Approximately 80% of the course is dedicated to practice.


Learning progression

Validation of all 6 modules certifies you as Hypnosis Practitioner from l’A.R.C.H.E. Each module is subject to validation as quality assurance. The validation of a module is therefore required to pass on to the next one. Because each person progresses and learns at their own rhythm, we offer the opportunity to retake a module free of charge if it was not validated.



We do not provide our students with scripts. The aim of our Hypnosis Practitioner training is to teach our students to understand and integrate the mechanisms and tools of modern hypnosis in order to offer a customized and client-centered approach to every session. proposer à chaque fois un accompagnement sur mesure, avec le client au centre.

In-class and hybrid hypnosis courses

There are two options for the CYCLE 1 course: Classic (100% in classroom) or Hybrid (distance-learning and classroom). The curriculum is the same, only the format changes.


The classic training format is held entirely on our premises in Geneva. Our campus offers a dynamic environment that facilitates a full immersion into your learning process and development. 

Schedule: 5 days of 7 hours in-class training



The combination of distance-learning and classroom courses allows you to reconcile your training with other commitments and have more time to absorb the material with a more flexible organization.

Schedule: 10 days of training structured as follows:

  • 8x 2:30 of live distance-learning 
  • 2x 7h30 de formation intensive en présentiel à Genève*

    *Contact us to discuss the possibility of a course in your city.

Hypnotherapists trained in our School tell you their experience with the Hybrid format

" It was generous and educational! " 

The trainers were very supportive through regular individual feedbacks, it was generous and educational!

We were able to practice via Zoom in small groups in a very comfortable way, and on a weekend, such a pleasure!!!

Isabelle, Technician 2

 "It helps assimilate the material better" 

Learning via video-conference in the evening and practicing in small groups on the weekend, it’s really great like this!

I find it helps assimilate the material better and I can rest between sessions!

Damien, Technician 3

 "As interesting and effective as in class" 

The fact that the curriculum spreads across 14 days helps us understand and assimilate all the tools that we are given. 

Practicing online with other students is just as interesting and effective as in class.

We are well-equipped to offer sessions both online and in person! 

Colombe, Technician 2

Registration cycle 1



Technician 1 : open to all


Technician 2 to Practitioner 3 : Validation of the previous module with A.R.C.H.E Hypnose Suisse


Module 1 and 2 Supervision & Improvement: open to all those who have validated the TECHNICIAN level at A.R.C.H.E. (or equivalent from another school).


Module 3 Supervision & Improvement: open to all those who have validated the PRACTITIONER level at A.R.C.H.E. (or equivalent from another school).


To request an equivalence evaluation please contact us here: Contact