A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse

International School & Certified Trainers 

Located in Geneva under the direction of Vincent Hürner, A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse is an independent branch of A.R.C.H.E. Formation founded by Kevin Finel in 2002 in France. A.R.C.H.E. is not only a school but also a research centre and a project incubator: a place where hypnosis evolves into an art based on science and pragmatism.

We apply the standards of excellence in curriculum and teaching methodologies that have been the hallmark of the A.R.C.H.E. , and we share the same instructors.

What makes A.R.C.H.E. so unique is its capacity to offer courses under different formats that integrate technical excellence with personal ethics. This is how we deliver our motto’s promise of « Creating the future of Hypnosis ».

At A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse, we are committed to:

  • Showcasing hypnosis as a communications tool for oneself and others outil de communication avec soi-même et les autres
  • L’Preparing for a genuine professional career, with dedication and passion. d’une profession à part entière
  • Sharing knowledge while applying hypnosis to other fields of application.
  • Offering a pragmatic and artistic vision for hypnosis
  • Providing personalized coaching and feedback to every student
  • Bringing a wealth of learning and skills from a diverse team of instructors.

A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse's key assets can be summarized as follows:

In-class and hybrid courses at the cutting edge of research and innovation, that conveyed through hypnotic methods

A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse uses an Ericksonian approach to teach that is by essence “utilizational” and non-dogmatic.

A detailed curriculum regularly updated to account for new findings directly sourced from the A.R.C.H.E.’s research and teaching teams. It reflects the latest discoveries on hypnosis and different states of consciousness published from various research fields: neurosciences, cognitive sciences, social, cognitive and clinical psychology, philosophies of the mind, anthropology.
A set of hands-on hypnotic teaching techniques used throughout the training to reinforce student learning.

A multidisciplinary educational team who trains experts in the field of modern hypnosis

The educational team of A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse consists of trainers with complementary skills, each with their own area of ​​expertise.

All of our trainers practice hypnosis professionally along with the trainings they provide. This allows them to illustrate their classes with real life examples and case-experience.

Focus on the practice

Demonstrations, games, practice: our goal is to train creative and adaptable professionals.

Our trainers provide a pragmatic and artistic vision of hypnosis. While courses consist of theoretical explanations and demonstrations, there is above all a lot of practice! Our teaching methods are suited to different styles of learners, through active listening, observation and action.

From the onset of our training cycle, we focus on technique and play. Our wish is to pass on these simple, yet extraordinary communication tools to those who would like to discover them for themselves, to develop a therapeutic practice, or as an addition to an existing practice.

Trainers at A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse invest their passion and high expectations in teaching future hypnosis professionals, so that they will become as creative as possible in their own practice. Our goal is for future practitioners to be able to adapt to the range of people and situations they will encounter during their professional career.

Educational follow-up for each student and continuing education

We are committed to offering each student a personalized follow-up, throughout initial learning and beyond.

Only a limited number of students participate in each training module so that everyone may receive individual support in a small group setting. The trainer tracks each student’s progress throughout the week, and provides them with the tailored advice they need for optimal results.

We also continue guiding each student beyond their Cycle 1 course depending on their individual needs, offering Supervision & Improvement modules, practitioner intervisions and individual supervisions. We want everyone to blossom in their practice. We advocate a humble approach which encourages movement, drive, and the questioning of our own practice as the means to constantly improving.

A generous school that values the sharing of knowledge.

We aspire to support the practitioner, and to improve, share and “democratize” access to hypnosis tools. A.R.C.H.E. offers a complete training program, with peer discussions, supervisions, online educational content, a platform for discussion between professionals, and many other events.

To help disseminate knowledge, a value dear to A.R.C.H.E. since its inception, A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse organizes public practices, evening and week-end events to discover, try out hypnosis through personal experience.

Go online to continue to grow: you will find a large number of free content and resources on A.R.C.H.E.’s YouTube Channel: public practices, hypnology courses, lectures. With the practitioner’s networking platform “Network”, each student is part of a community of online practitioners, who can share, become more professional, and improve their practice.

An international-oriented school

Afin de s’adapter au contexte particulièrement international de Genève et de la Suisse en général, l’A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse développe un cursus en anglais afin de compléter les modules d’initiation déjà transmis en institution.


«Les formateurs sont à l’écoute et présentent la théorie de manière ludique et vivante !»

Les explications durant la formation sont très claires. Il y a une bonne disponibilité des formateurs qui donnent des retours pertinents en fin de semaine. Il y a aussi une très bonne prise en compte de la personne ! 

Les formateurs sont à l’écoute et présentent la théorie de manière ludique et vivante !

Technician 2

«Cette formation m’a permis de dépasser des blocages et résistances éventuelles»

A titre personnel, cette formation m’a permis de dépasser des blocages et résistances éventuelles, vivre des états de conscience modifiés et découvrir ce monde inconnu.

Sur le plan professionnel, elle m’a permis d’avoir une corde de plus à mon arc complémentaire du métier de psychologue auquel je me prédestine afin de pouvoir accompagner et aider.

Technician 2

«L’hypnose offre une palette d’outils unique pour mieux interagir avec nos clients»

Issue du monde de la communication, j’ai découvert que l’hypnose offre une palette d’outils unique pour mieux interagir avec nos clients, nos proches, et aussi avec nous-mêmes !

The training is done in such a good way that even those who are a priori afraid of initiating or making mistakes dare to practice and get into the exercises without worrying about "getting it right."  Cette approche des formateurs nous aide à progresser !

Practitioner 1

«Oser encore plus, me faire confiance»

My goal was to improve my communication, exchanges and relationship with others. And this training helped me to free myself, to dare even more, to trust myself.

J’ai été très touché par la simplicité du formateur.

Nicolas, Conversational Hypnosis

«Une façon différente de m’exprimer ou d’écouter les autres»

Sur le plan personnel, cette formation m’apporte une nouvelle approche du monde, une façon différente de m’exprimer ou d’écouter les autres, de leur porter une nouvelle attention.

For me, it is also the beginning of a profound change. Professionally, it will help me to manage interactions in the corporate world.

David, Technician 1

«Plus qu’un outil, la formation me fait évoluer sur ma manière d’accompagner»

From a tool that I had just acquired, I realize that hypnosis takes on a whole new meaning.

Plus qu’un outil, la formation me fait évoluer sur ma manière d’accompagner les sportifs!

It is a very nice discovery.

Isabelle, Technician 2

«J’ai été agréablement surpris»

J’ai été agréablement surpris par les différences par rapport à l’approche enseignée dans ma précédente école.

I really don't regret having chosen A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse for my second training. Thank you !


«Ma communication s’est améliorée!»

I didn't know that we could do so much with hypnosis!.

Le format était parfait, pas trop de théorie qui nous assomme. On ne passe pas 3h sur le même sujet peu importe si on a vraiment compris ou non.

Then practicing without being "sure" you're doing it right allows you to allow yourself to make mistakes, and to learn from any common or personal mistakes. I really like how the training is done!

My communication has improved with others but also with myself!


«Mieux interagir avec nos clients, nos proche»

Issue du monde de la communication, j’ai découvert que l’hypnose offre une palette d’outils unique pour mieux interagir avec nos clients, nos proches, et aussi avec nous-mêmes !

The training is so good that even those who are afraid to start or to make mistakes dare to practice and start the exercises without worrying about "doing everything right".  This approach helps us to grow faster!


«Améliorer mes accompagnements»

Cette formation m’a aidée à améliorer ma prise en charge et mes accompagnements, parce que je m’autorise à aller plus loin dans les questionnements, avec des nouvelles grilles d’analyse


Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis

«Oser encore plus, me faire confiance»

Cette formation m’a aidé à me libérer, à oser encore plus, à me faire confiance.

J’ai été très touché par la simplicité de Jean Dupré !

Conversational Hypnosis

«Enrichissante, personnellement et professionnellement»

Hypnose Stratégique & Systémique est une formation très enrichissante aussi bien personnellement que professionnellement.

The trainings are disruptive but in a good way!

Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis

«Accompagnement très personnalisé»

L’accompagnement était très personnalisé avec des points individuels réguliers, c’était riche et formateur !

Nous avons pu pratiquer via zoom par petits groupes de manière très confortable et le week-end c’était que du bonheur !!!!

Isabelle, Technician 2

«On assimile mieux »

Des pratiques le soir en visio-conférence, et les exercices en tout petit groupe le week-end c’était vraiment super ainsi !

I find it helps assimilate the material better and I can rest between sessions!

Damien, Technician 3

«Tout aussi intéressant et efficace qu’en présentiel»

The fact that the curriculum spreads across 14 days helps us understand and assimilate all the tools that we are given. 

Practicing online with other students is just as interesting and effective as in class.

We are well-equipped to offer sessions both online and in person! 

Colombe, Technician 2



Learning hypnosis means exploring our states of mind, our brain and the human complexity. It is without a doubt, one of the most inspiring adventures of this century!

Kevin Finel

Founder of A.R.C.H.E.

Hypnosis is a discipline that applies to a large scope of fields. What A.R.C.H.E offers above all, is the use of altered states of consciousness known as the hypnotic state for therapy, well-being, self-understanding and conducting change.

In soliciting the numerous internal resources of an individual, hypnosis makes it possible to work on various topics such as lack of confidence or lack of self-esteem, stress and burn-outs, depressive episodes, anguish and anxiety, fears and phobias, sexual disorders, sleeping disorders, traumatizing events, bad habits, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), overweight, etc.

Hypnosis is also used as a way to increase motivation, facilitate and accelerate learning, improve concentration as well as efficiency and performance, for example in sports.

Because of its multiple applications, hypnosis is increasingly becoming a discipline applied in conjunction with other therapeutic practices and other forms of communication in all professional areas.

Our Team

Vincent Hürner


Vincent Hürner trained as a criminologist and then founded a martial arts school in Geneva. He specializes in emotions, stress in extreme settings, psychological support in emergency settings and teaching self-hypnosis.

As a therapist fascinated by life and its paradoxes, he developed an integrated therapeutic approach based on mind-body connection. Through his practice as a counselor-researcher, he studies and addresses all types of violence: physical, verbal, emotional or self-inflicted. Focusing on trauma, different forms of addiction, fears, phobias, as well as how our brain functions and handles emotions, he has an original and innovative approach to counseling.

In 2018, together with Kevin Finel, Vincent Hürner founded the association ARCHE SUISSE BEYOND BORDERS – ASBB – ASBB – which aims to support those who support others (humanitarian aid workers, social workers, etc.) throughout the world by sharing hypnotic tools during workshops and individual sessions.

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