Hypnosis Trainings in Geneva

A.R.C.H.E. Hypnosis Switzerland offers training in French for beginners as well as for already certified practitioners wishing to develop their hypnosis practice. 

As an International School, it also offers courses in English starting in September 2021 : Introduction to Hypnosis, Technician 1, 2, and 3.

Formation hypnose suisse

Course Cycle 1

Become a Hypnosis Practitioner in 30 days
YOUR GIFT : 12 additional days of continuing education for our students

Course Cycle 2

Become a Hypnosis Master Practitioner in 39 days 

Development and specializations

Our courses

Formation hypnose suisse
Formation hypnose suisse

Become Hypnosis Practitioner

Formation hypnose suisse

Hypnosis Technician

The Hypnosis Technician allows you to acquire the essential fundamentals to the understanding and technique of modern hypnosis, as well as the tools to gain a firm grasp of the various technical aspects of hypnosis. Upon completion, you will receive the Hypnosis Technician certificate.

Hypnosis Practitioner

The Hypnosis Practitioner allows you to develop a precise method of coaching, a good adaptability, in-depth hypnotic techniques, and your posture as a future hypnosis practitioner, while respecting a certain ethics. You will thus master the hypnotic processes, and be able to conduct fluid and profound sessions. At the end, you obtain the Hypnosis Practitioner certificate.

By the end of Cycle 1, you will know to...


Hypnosis Technician

    • Orient your communication towards the other person
    • Use the hypnotic levers
    • Use the hypnotic patterns
    • Prepare and conduct a session
    • Create various states of hypnosis, depending on the client and the objective
    • Working with emotions and understanding the first strategic aspects of hypnosis

    Hypnosis Practitioner

      • Master more precise reading grids to adapt to human behaviour
      • Explore more complex unconscious mechanisms
      • Deepen the hypnotic states to create varied and intense experiences
      • Conduct full hypnosis sessions
      • Know the basics of strategic reading
      • Develop the posture of the practitioner

      The hypnotherapists trained in our school share their experience

      "I was pleasantly surprised"

      I was pleasantly surprised by the differences from the approach I learnt in the previous school.

      I really don't regret having chosen A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose Suisse for my second training. Thank you !


      "My communication has improved!"

      I didn't know that we could do so much with hypnosis!.

      The format was perfect, not too much theory that knocks us out. You don't spend 3 hours on the same topic regardless of whether you really understood it or not.

      Then practicing without being "sure" you're doing it right allows you to allow yourself to make mistakes, and to learn from any common or personal mistakes. I really like how the training is done!

      My communication has improved with others but also with myself!


      "A better interaction with our customers, our loved ones..."

      As a communications person, I discovered that hypnosis offers a unique set of tools to better interact with our clients, our loved ones, and also with ourselves!

      The training is so good that even those who are afraid to start or to make mistakes dare to practice and start the exercises without worrying about "doing everything right".  This approach helps us to grow faster!


      CYCLE 2 : Become Hypnosis Master Practitioner

      Formation hypnose suisse

      Hypnosis Master Practitioner

      Cycle 2 consists of 4 trainings that allow you to acquire advanced tools to refine your practice, develop a coaching strategy, and have a better understanding of hypnosis and how the human being functions:

      • Conversational Hypnosis
      • Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis
      • Psychopathology 
      • Neuroscience for Coaching (online)

      These 4 courses are independent and can be done separately.

      Online training is also open to non-practitioners.


      By the end of Cycle 2, you will know to...


      Conversational Hypnosis

        • Get hypnotic effects without any formal induction
        • Refine the observation of non-verbal and para-verbal reactions
        • Expand your emotional and mental flexibility
        • Learn hypnotic communication tools
        • Address strategic principles

        Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis

          • Manage resistance and counter-transference in a session
          • Build strategic visions over several sessions
          • Understand the construction of identity and the systemic issues of the person being coached.
          • Model the person and their problem in depth


            • Develop a better understanding of your work, your possibilities of action and the strategies to use
            • Understand the organization of symptoms and the various psychic structures
            • Identify the borderline states and the functioning of the various types of psychoses
            • Be provided with the knowledge and tools to work in conjunction with health professionals

            Neuroscience for Coaching

              • Develop a scientific perspective on your practice
              • Sharpen your support by better adapting to your clients
              • Understand the interrelation between body, emotions and mental representations
              • Develop a much deeper assessment of the content and structure of the client's communication

              The hypnotherapists trained in our school share their experience

              "It helped me improve my coaching sessions"

              This training has helped me to improve my coaching sessions, because I allow myself to go further in questioning, with new frameworks of analysis.   


              Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis

              "It helped me to free myself, to dare even more, to trust myself."

              This training helped me to free myself, to dare even more, to trust myself.

              I was very touched by the simplicity of the trainer Jean Dupré.


              Conversational Hypnosis

              "Enriching, both personally and professionally "

              Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis is a very enriching training both personally and professionally.

              The trainings are disruptive but in a good way!


              Strategic & Systemic Hypnosis